Leicester Stand Up to Racism

Refugees welcome here – No to Islamophobia – Yes to diversity

Stand Up To Racism – Refugees Welcome Here!

Leicester Stand Up To Racism is holding a public meeting on Wednesday 7 December, 7pm at the African Caribbean Centre, Maidstone Road, Leicester.

We are witnessing the biggest movement of people since the Second World War. Already this year nearly 3000 people have drowned in the Mediterranean Sea trying to reach Europe while thousands more languish in camps in the most appalling conditions.

Government Response
The government’s response has been completely inadequate and has sought to demonise people who are fleeing war, poverty, and persecution.
The disgraceful response of most EU governments has been to erect more razor-wire fences and strengthen security to stop people getting in.

Ordinary People – Solidarity
In contrast, ordinary people across Europe have joined mass demonstrations in support of the refugees’ plight. Thousands of others have shown solidarity by collecting money, clothes and food which are being distributed across Europe. In Britain on 12 September, thousands took to the streets to demand more government action to help refugees.

Racist Backlash
In France, the Fascist Front Nationale is trying to capitalise on the horrific ISIS terror attacks in Paris on 13 November by pushing their racist agenda. Racist and Fascist groups in Britain are also attempting to use this tragedy to re-group and whip up hatred towards Muslims.

Stand Up To Racism says that unity is needed now more than ever, between Faith groups, Trade Unionists, Socialists, refugee and community groups. Join us on 2 December to discuss how together we can support the refugee cause and combat the poisonous racism that aims to divide us.


Weyman Bennett [National Chair of SUTR]

Pamela Inder [Trustee City Of Sanctuary]

Sheila Moseley [Co-chair of International Kurds in Syria (SKS)]

Alison Birch [After 18 Charity]

Jawaahir Daahir [Founder – Somali Development Services]


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