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Leicester anti-racists join anti-Trump protests

It has been a busy week for anti-racists in Leicester. The election of racist Donald Trump in America has triggered worldwide protests with thousands taking to the streets. On Monday 30 January protests erupted around the country in response to Trump’s racist Muslim Ban with some of the biggest in Manchester and London. In Leicester, 500 gathered at the Clock Tower with just 24 hours notice.

On Wednesday evening, Around 60 people gathered at a public meeting called by our group in response to the rising tide of racism. Ex Green Party leader Natalie Bennett was one of the speakers. She stated that racism had not got worse in Britain but that Brexit had given confidence to racists to carry out verbal and sometimes physical attacks.


The meeting resolved to unite around the issue of racism and Labour councillor Vijay Singh Riyait pledged to put a motion on anti-racism to a council meeting. Stand Up To Racism’s Naima Omar spoke about the importance of building for the big anti-racism demo on 18 March to mark UN anti-racism day. Leicester Stand Up To Racism have booked a coach to this event and seats can be booked by emailing us at leicester2calais@gmail.com.

Speakers from the floor pointed out that austerity has bred racism – this is why it is also important to get involved in campaigns to save Glenfield Heart Unit and Rushey Mead Library.


On Saturday we had a smaller demonstration at the Clock Tower to show solidarity with the 40,000-strong anti-Trump march in London and other protests around the country. Around 40 people were in attendance. Stand Up To Racism advocates unity in action, regardless of whichever political party you belong to we must all unite to tackle this rising tide of racism.


Join us on 18 March for what promises to be a monster demo against racism. Together we can beat the racists!


Big Thanks to Ata and Ambrose for the photos used in this report.

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