Leicester Stand Up to Racism

Refugees welcome here – No to Islamophobia – Yes to diversity

March Against Racism 2020 – Transport from Leicester Organised

Boris Johnson’s new Tory government has a racist agenda that our movement must oppose. Johnson himself has an appalling record of racism and Islamophobia. Infamously he described black people as having “watermelon” smiles and described Muslim women as looking like “letterboxes” and “bank robbers”.

His government is set to introduce a new racist “points based” Australian style immigration system and is refusing to allow even small numbers of unaccompanied child refugees into Britain.
The lives of millions of EU nationals are being wrecked by the governments refusal to give real assurances about their futures.

Planned legislation will strengthen police powers to “stop and search”, meaning that BAME communities will be targeted by this racist legislation. The Roma community will face repression under new “criminal trespass” legislation. The Tories are strengthening their links with the racist right internationally – from Donald Trump with his “Muslim ban” and “security wall” to Victor Orban’s antisemitic government in Hungary.

On UN anti-racism day, Saturday 21 March, we want to show our opposition to Johnson’s racist agenda and offer our solidarity to those battling the growth of the far right internationally.

The demonstrations in London and Glasgow will be co-ordinated with protests in the US and across Europe.

Transport from Leicester leaves at 8am from outside Secular Hall on Humberstone Gate, leaving London in the afternoon at 4pm. Contact us on leicester2calais@gmail.com to reserve your seat.

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