Leicester Stand Up to Racism

Refugees welcome here – No to Islamophobia – Yes to diversity

Tommy Robinson and his supporters are not welcome in our multicultural city



Far right activist Tommy Robinson’s release on bail will give succour to the racist and fascist right across Britain. They will see it as a success for their campaign for his release and for the international support they received from far right figures like ex Trump Chief of Staff Steve Bannon who described Robinson as the ‘backbone of this country’.

Robinson has become a rallying point for forces from UKIP to the Alt right and Democratic Football Lads Alliance. His supporters have staged violent demonstrations in his support where anti racists and police officers were attacked. Robinson himself was an inspiration to the Finsbury Park Mosque attacker Darren Osborne who murdered Makram Ali and to the far right terrorist Anders Breivik who murdered 77 people in Norway in 2012.

We oppose the racism at the heart of Robinson’s message and defend the migrants, refugees and the Muslim Community that he seeks to scapegoat. The racist right is growing across Europe spreading racism, Islamophobia, Antisemitism & bigotry. We will not allow them to rebuild here in Britain. Robinson is likely to celebrate his victory by touring our towns and cities and attempting to drum up support for the racist right. We will make sure Robinson and his supporters are not welcome where ever they seek to build their hate filled movement.

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